Video – ROG Phone 3 Hands-On Video

Popular Review at Launch July 22, 2020 – See our notes below about any early reviews of the ROG Phone 3. Review units are not completely optimized. Marques Brownlee has a solid reputation when it comes to reviewing technology. Not much of a gamer, but you can get some good looks and idea of the ROG Phone 3 from his review.

Early Review at Launch July 22, 2020 – Just keep in mind that software updates on new devices are not exactly optimized. These early review units are not always the best in making any final decisions whether to purchase the ROG Phone 3 or not. Here is GSMArena’s review of the ROG Phone 3.


June 18, 2020 – The first real hands-on look at the ROG Phone 3 (ZS661KS) that was leaked onto the internet. Usually videos like these get takedown notices and don’t last but this one did. I suppose ASUS didn’t mind the exposure and publicity from the leak. Needless to say this hands-on video confirmed a very similar design to the ROG Phone 2 which isn’t a bad decision by ASUS. You can see this is the exclusive Tencent Games version of the phone. With the official launch on July 22, 2020 you can see that leaks started really about one month prior to the unveil. Something to keep in mind with the ROG Phone 4 model next year!