New AirTrigger technology on ROG Phone 3

With each generation it only makes sense to see improvements. When it comes to a new category of phone, these improvements are even more critical. A gaming phone needs great controls and it looks like the ROG Phone 3 is going to have some improved AirTriggers.

With an image for the ROG Phone 3 you can see quite clearly the arrows, indicating that you can slide horizontally. This feature was brought to the ROG Phone 2 via software update so it appear the technology will see an improvement in this next generation phone.

What we are to believe is that there will be four different gesture controls built into the AirTrigger 3 technology. AirTriggers are part of the evolutionary aspect of a gaming phone that sets it apart from a traditional mobile phone that is being used for gaming. There has to be gaming specific benefits and AirTriggers are going to play a big role in why gamers would choose a gaming phone.

The ROG Phone 3 (ZS661KS) is set for an official launch as of July 22. Price and release dates will be announced and we expect Europe to have first crack at the device, likely followed by North America. Expect to get another massive battery, new accessories and best hardware inside the ROG Phone 3.


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