ASUS partners with Unity Technologies for ROG Phone 3

ASUS moves forward with it’s plans to make phone gaming a thing. This new move ensures that the ROG Phone 3 SDK is optimized for developers using the Unity Editor.

In essence, this could allow for game developers to create ROG Phone 3 specific features that aren’t available on other devices. From ASUS’ perspective it’s valuable for marketing to have value added features for mobile games that aren’t available elsewhere. It makes the purchase of the ROG Phone 3 more compelling if gamers know there is an added upside to owning one.

In regards to Unity and this announcement, it involves a plugin with five ROG Phone 3 features. These include the Gamepad SDK, TwinView SDK, Aura Light SDK, Refresh Rate Control SDK and Performance Boost SDK.

At this stage of the game, ASUS is likely hoping for more partnerships that will help market and make-use of the power inside their upcoming ROG Phone 3. Mobile phone games that play better on a phone touting itself as a gaming powerhouse is essential for ASUS to grow this new, emerging market. Sure mobile phones can play games, but will the ROG Phone 3 have added capabilities that give it bragging rights?

The official word from ASUS regarding the release date of the ROG Phone 3 is for the summer, likely July. It’s unclear whether it will be a slow rollout and which markets ASUS deems priorities. Unlike the typical ZenFone which sees North America lower down on the priority list for launch dates, perhaps the ROG Phone 3 will see USA, Canada and Europe as the priority markets. It will take a lot to top the ROG Phone 2, so let’s hope ASUS is up for the challenge.


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