In-screen fingerprint reader confirmed by recent TENAA filings

Recently the ROG Phone 2 passed through some regulatory processes in China and that resulted in some glimpses into the ROG Phone 2. One feature is definitely missing from the rear—namely a fingerprint reader. This all but confirms that the ROG Phone 2 will feature an in-screen fingerprint reader.

The ROG Phone 2 pass through China’s TENAA regulatory body which has published some images of the phone. Let’s take a look and in particular, look at the rear image of the phone.

The fingerprint sensor on the rear is clearly gone.

Is this bad news or good news? Well, the Snapdragon 855 allows for in-screen fingerprint sensors and that is exactly what the Samsung Galaxy S10 has. The technology is officially called Qualcomm 3D Sonic Sensor.  Here is a brief explanation:

“The Qualcomm 3D Sonic Sensor uses sound waves to read the valleys and ridges of a finger. It does so by transmitting an ultrasonic pulse against the finger, creating a detailed three-dimensional reproduction of the scanned fingerprint. This is a true differentiator compared to other solutions, which use the legacy two-dimensional, light-sensing optical approach.”

According to Qualcomm, over time it’s supposed to learn your fingerprint better and thus work faster. In other words, don’t hate this in-screen fingerprint sensor initially. Give it some time. Apparently it’s smart and will learn about your fingerprints.

As for how people have liked the in-screen fingerprint sensor so far? Mixed reviews. I think it takes a bit of guesswork in figuring out where exactly to place your finger on the display. If you aren’t sure, you wake up the device which will then show you the spot to place your fingerprint.

Overall it’s just better having the ability to use the fingerprint reader from the front, rather than the back. So many times your phone will be sitting on a desk and having to pick up to scan a fingerprint is considered heavy lifting by today’s standards. Frankly, we see this new addition to the ROG Phone 2 as a positive. Your reaction to this news is?

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